Curry Newton

Director of Facility Operations

Curry Newton is the Director of Facility Operations for AEPS. Mr. Newton has over 12 years of government contracting experience in security and facility maintenance and management services, and 8 years in Law Enforcement.

Mr. Newton oversees the facility maintenance including grounds maintenance, solid waste removal and hospital housekeeping contracts for AEPS. Mr. Newton directs his staff and oversees the upkeep of equipment and supplies associated with government contracts. He makes sure the contract buildings are maintained in accordance with contract requirements and standards, which entails daily and weekly maintenance and cleaning schedules as well as determining and scheduling repairs, renovation projects, waste reduction improvements and safety inspections. Mr. Newton oversees contract budgets and negotiates with vendors for supplies, repairs and other measures. He is responsible for contract start-up and/or close-down, hiring and firing, policies and procedures and personnel issues; internal investigation management; and other required day-to-day operations.

Mr. Newton holds a B.S. in Organizational Leadership and Marketing degree from Union University, Jackson TN.